Library customer service is on summer break. You can access HAMK Finna e-materials by logging in to HAMK Finna using your HAMK account. ChatBot answers your questions on chat 24/7.


HAMK library e-collections (e-books, articles, databases) are all available in HAMK Finna. Library acquires e-material both through the national FinELib Consortium and directly from publishers. At the time of material purchase, we agree on the terms of use. Here you will find information on the use and user terms of library e-collections.

Access with HAMK User ID

Access to our e-collections is limited to HAMK students and staff. HAMK user ID also allows for remote access outside HAMK network.

Some e-services are limited to HAMK network only: the Finnish newspaper service ePress and Finnish magazine platform eMagz are only available locally on HAMK campus.

Access to e-collections is granted for the following HAMK student groups:

  • Degree students (both bachelor’s and master’s degree)
  • Students in professional teacher education
  • Open university students
  • Professional specialisation programme students
  • International exchange students
  • Students of other higher-education institutions attending HAMK courses (eg. CampusOnline students).
  • If you do not have the HAMK user ID, you are welcome to access e-collections inside the library using our client computers. For more information, contact the library.

    Always use HAMK Finna to access our e-collections

    Access to all e-material is on HAMK Finna. Use HAMK Finna basic search to find e-books, e-journals and databases. You can also browse e-journal and database lists.

    Always use the links in HAMK Finna to access the collections, for they direct you to the correct logon service. HAMK ID does not work when using the login links on the database homepage. .

    Downloading material on your personal device

    The use of e-collections requires only your HAMK ID. Downloading e-books on your personal computer or mobile device may require registering for the service in question (eg. Ebook Central, Ebsco Ebooks).

    Terms of use determine what you may and may not do

    Library signs an access rights contract at the time of purchase. The contract states the terms of use. HAMK library acquires e-material only for study, teaching and research purposes.

    Usually allowed:

  • searching and browsing of material
  • printing or saving search results and separate parts of the collection for personal use
  • providing a link to course material, unless there is a course fee
  • sending a single article for another student, staff member or researcher.
  • Usually NOT allowed:

  • using material or part thereof for commercial purposes
  • systematically saving, printing, or copying material
  • sending material or part thereof to a user outside HAMK
  • distributing, selling, editing or publishing material in another form.
  • Checking the terms of use is always end user’s responsibility. Make sure that you get familiar with service terms of use. For more information, contact the library.

    E-collections and teaching

    When using library e-collections in your teaching, always link to the material. The terms of use usually prohibit coping and saving e-material onto your learning platform. Below you will find directions on how to create a working link. Check the terms of use of each material before accessing it.

    Note. The Kopiosto copying licence does not cover library licenced material.

    Linking to e-material

    There are several ways to link to e-material:

  • Link to HAMK Finna
    1. The easiest way to share an e-book, an article or a database is by linking to its information in HAMK Finna. Search the material in HAMK Finna, click its title and copy the browser address.
  • Proxy link in HAMK Finna
    1. A proxy link directs you first to HAMK logon service, which means the link also works outside HAMK network. You will find the correct proxy links in HAMK Finna: first locate the e-book, article or database. On top of the access link, use the right-hand button to copy the link. Link address usually starts with Screenshot of an e-book record, where there is a link to the book
  • Proxy-link from the material

      Once inside the e-material, never use browser address as the link. It may contain information about an individual session and thus will not work afterwards. Always use the link provided by the service itself (e.g. Permalink, Share link with others). Always check the link actually works by using another browser. The links should contain HAMK proxy address

      Here are some examples of working proxy links: Proxy-address containing text is usually in the beginning or in the middle of link.

    1. HAMK Finna Favourites

        HYou can easily create shared link lists by using HAMK Finna Favourites. Login to HAMK Finna using HAMK ID. When you find something that you want to share with others, click the Save to list icon (looks like a map tack). Choose an existing list or create a new one, then click Save.

        You can edit your lists in your account information, under Favourites. To publish or hide a list, click its title. You will find the public link you can share with others.